Woman Hears Tiny Cries Coming From Bush, Looks Closer And Makes Heartbreaking Discovery

In Los Angeles, a woman heard a tiny squeaky cry coming from the bushes in her backyard; she poked about and noticed the smallest kitten emerge from the foliage… The little kitty was sick and in desperate need of medical intervention.

The woman knew she couldn’t care for the sick kitten on her own. She contacted Sandra Lee, from L.A. Lee is a well-known cat fosterer. She’d just taken in another special needs cat and couldn’t shelter another. But once she saw the dehydrated kitten, she couldn’t turn her away.

“She was found when she was approximately 6 to 8 weeks old, but it was a little difficult to accurately age her because she was so dehydrated and malnourished for her age,” Lee told The Dodo.  “She had the characteristics of a 6 to 8-week kitten, yet weighed barely a pound, which is about the average weight for a 4-week-old kitten. Upon first sight, she was so dehydrated, every backbone in her spine was visible. She was covered in fleas, and we would shortly discover she was suffering from medical ailments.”

Lee brought the kitten she named Livvie home; she quickly learned the poor girl had several medical issues. Her journey to full recovery wouldn’t be an easy one. For one, she had a neurological problem. Livvie couldn’t poop on her own, despite trying dozens of times per day. “To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure she would make it the first couple nights, and just wanted to give her a warm home and safe space,” Lee said. “For the first week, I honestly would be afraid to check up on her because she was so sickly.”

Update! You would not believe the 💩💩 Livvy had hardened in her colon! The vet had never seen it this bad. Once the initial X-ray was taken, we decided to go straight to sedation and manually expressing. If you see X-ray 1, I've drawn a red line to show where vets normally would see 💩in a constipated patient. The next pic with yellow line shows where she was backed up to. Third picture shows from a different angle how swollen her intestines were. She is feeling a lot better and even tried to escape the lunch pail I took her to the vet in. (Which she also 💩💩💩 in🤦🏻‍♀️) Thank you so much for your donations to help this girl feel better! It truly helps me and my husband tremendously. #💩life #kitten #livvielivethewd40kitten #kittensofinstagram #fosterkittens #losangeles #catsofinstagram #catstagram #rescuekitty #adoptdontshop

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When Lee took Livvie to the vet, the staff there were also baffled by her condition. They’d never seen an animal with as much back-up as her. They wondered if her neurological disorder was brought on by her inability to relieve herself and all the toxins that built up in her system. Livvie had spent so much time on the streets; she never managed to retain enough food and water. Veterinarians weren’t certain of what long-lasting effects she’d suffer as a result. For the first month in Lee’s care, Livvie spent most of her time at the vet. It was uncertain whether she’d recover.

Lee had to closely monitor her medications, food, and water intake. Her meow sounded like a goat’s cry. It seemed like her recovery would never end. But after four months, Livvie was doing much better.

On my way to my new home!#rescuekitty #kitten #adoptdontshop

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Once she was feeling better, Livvie’s true personality started to shine through. She’s a goofy, beautiful little kitty. Lee finally realized it was time for her to part with her tiny fighter. She found the perfect forever home for her; Lee sent Livvie off with her new human mistress, hoping for the best. Little did she know, Livvie had her own ideas about where she belonged.

LivvieLive is on her way home! And she has an Instagram! And guess what! Her name is staying the same with a twist! She will go from LivvieLive to LivvieLove!! ❤️ We received a few amazing inquiries to adopt this girl, but we believe we found her a perfect match. A woman from Orange County reached out to me. She had lost her beloved kitty of 12 years in November, and she looked strikingly similar to Livvie! I knew Livvie would receive so much love in her new home, and hopefully bring some healing to her new mom! So please show them some love at @livvielove2 !! We love you Livvie! Congratulations on finding your forever home! #ADOPTED #livvielivethewd40kitten #kitten #kittensofinstagram #cat #catsofinstagram #catstagram #fosterkittens #losangeles #adoptdontshop

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Livvie didn’t adjust well to her new home. She only came out of hiding to eat or play when no one else was around. Her new human companion did everything she knew of to get her kitty to open up. She’d lie on the floor and speak softly to her, but nothing worked. So she finally contacted Lee for help.

As soon as Livvie saw her old friend, she perked up and became the kitty Lee knew. “I laid on the floor and just started to talk to her,” Lee said. “Livvie immediately let out a  little meow and started wiggling her way out from under her hiding spot toward me. The nice lady  said, ‘I think she wants to go home.’ Nearly 60 fosters in and out, and I knew we had ourselves our first official ‘foster fail.’”

Though Livvie’s new mom was nice, all this girl wanted was to be with the human who saved her life. She’s back where she wants to be, and she couldn’t be happier. “Although we had special bonds with all our fosters, I think we knew Livvie was special,” Lee said. “We were always against foster fails as we are at capacity with our own resident animals, but  Livvie clearly had other plans. As soon as we got home and I let her out of her carrier, she was completely her normal self. She knew she was home.”