Teachers Cancel Class To Have Students Make 150 Sandwiches, Then Shocked Students Learn Why


Sometimes the easiest way to learn something is just to do it. Some lessons can’t be taught in a classroom or internalized by reading a book. You have to actually go out into the world and do it. once you do this more than once, you can apply the motto, “practice makes perfect.”

A group of elementary school students discovered how doing something so simple would have such a positive effect on the lives of others in their community. Their daily lesson wasn’t found in the classroom or a book. Their teachers took them out of school; learning by doing has a positive impact. Their teachers knew their students would receive a valuable lesson that day.

The message the children received was simple: It’s easy to give back. The teachers and their pupils partnered with JIF® for their campaign to show children how easy it is to spread happiness and kindness.

The children prepared hundreds of PB&J sandwiches for the ‘food-insecure’ members of their community.

As they made the sandwiches, the teachers informed their students that the food would be enjoyed by someone that same day. One of the students didn’t believe it. It’s true. By spending the day making these sandwiches, the kids learned how they’re helping others.

One kid said: “It really wasn’t that hard — anyone can do this.”

They added: “Other kids can do their part to help in their communities. They could volunteer at a soup kitchen. They could do what we did [and] make sandwiches for people that don’t have any. They could do fundraisers. Kindness spreads kindness.”

The students made over 150 sandwiches in an hour. They also took away from the hands-on lesson that it takes little to do something kind for another human being. A small act of kindness can go far.

“If everyone in the world were nice to each other, the world would be really happy,” one boy remarked.

What a great lesson for these children to learn! That boy was right: If we all came together and did one thing nice for someone else, the world would be a much kinder, better place.