Stray Dog Won’t Let Rescuers Near Her. Jaws Drop When They See What She’s Hiding


Pet rescues encounter so much pain and sadness in their daily activities. They often find cats and dogs beyond saving. But on good days, they arrive just in time to rescue an animal from the brink of death.

The good folks from Texas’s Take Me Home Pet Rescue feared they had come too late for a stray dog named Norah. They thought Norah would be dead when they arrived at the scene, but to their surprise, the sweet girl lifted her head and peered up at them from the side of the road along one busy highway.

Norah’s reputation proceeded her – she was known for being quite elusive. The people from Take Me Home would watch in horror and dismay as Norah dashed across the busy Texas highways, avoiding them as they attempted to trap her.

One day, the rescuers noticed Norah seemed much thinner than usual and soon realized that she had given birth to a litter of puppies just days before.

They had also noticed that she spent a lot of time around the United House of Prayer. They searched there and, sure enough, found her litter of puppies safely tucked away in the church courtyard. Norah had used the brush and shrubs for cover.

Rescuers set up fences at the church to trap Norah. Then, after retrieving the puppies from their hiding place, the precious canine family was brought back to the rescue center where Norah continued to nurse, bond with, and love her babies.

Now, instead of having the streets as their home, Norah and her family are warm and safe inside the shelter’s walls and are being cared for by folks who will ensure they are given the best lives possible.

Rekka fostered Norah and her puppies and shared an update on this dear furry family, saying, “She was in rough shape when we got her and was skin and bone. She’s gained weight and seems to be feeling good, and she likes to run around and chase and play tug-of-war with her puppies. She is such an amazing dog!”

I concur – Norah is a fantastic mother to her precious puppies!

This is such a compelling story of how vital animal rescues are. Rescuers need all the community support they can get. Whether it’s monetary donations or food and other pet supplies, it’s so important to give what you can to this noble cause.

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