He Sits Down To Read A Book, But What He Does Next Has The Whole Room In Stitches


Everyone should have a “fun uncle” in their lives. He doesn’t necessarily have to be blood-related, but he knows how to make you laugh and how to tease you till you blush and he’s a good role model (even if he is a little mischevious).

Well, little Margot certainly has all of those things in her uncle, Adam Theroux. We just can’t get over how sweet and adorable this little interaction is!

This video was taken when Margot was still a baby. Adam sat her down on the couch and got ready to read the beloved children’s classic Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? 

Lots of children get read to, but not many get read to like this! Adam’s funny faces, voices, and inflections soon have Margot giggling uncontrollably, and we’re all joining right along!

I’ve heard it said that if you want to know a man’s character, watch how he treats his mother, kids, and animals. Well, I can’t vouch for Adam’s relationship with his mom or how he is around puppies and kittens, but if this video is any indication, Margot’s got a good man in her Uncle Adam!

Margot is a little older now and even has a little sister of her own! We hope she’ll take some pointers from her uncle and create her own special storytime memories with her little sis.

We’re going to have this video on repeat all day! There’s just nothing like the laughter of a child to brighten your day and make everything better!

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