Siblings Worried About Sick Sister. What This Doctor Does Next Will Melt Your Heart


I can remember going to the doctor with my mom and my younger brother when I was little. My brother had to get his blood drawn, but I think I cried more than he did! Something about being the older sibling makes you protective over your younger brothers and sisters – you feel their pain and heartache as if it were your own.

That’s exactly what happened when Winter and Kristlynn Moses accompanied their sister Autumn to Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, so she could get treated for strep throat.

When Dr. Chima Matthew walked into the room to examine Autumn, he noticed Winter and Kristlynn looked sad and worried. That’s when he decided to cheer them up and help them forget their worries. He took his phone out, turned on some music, and began to dance with the girls until their worried frowns turned into giggles of joy.

The video of Dr. Matthew dancing with the Moses girls quickly went viral, racking up millions of views. This may be the first time Matthew has received international recognition for his incredible bedside manner, but it’s certainly not the first time he’s gone out of his way to do something special for a patient or their family.

“I’ve gone to a bunch of funerals for my kids and some people tell me, ‘Chima, you get too close you know, don’t let your heart get in it.’ I am ready to walk away from medicine the day my heart is not in it,” he said.

This special doctor has been so inspired by his patients that he is also starting his own foundation to help children beyond the hospital doors.

Our world needs more doctors – and more people – like Chima Matthews. We know every patient who has come into contact with him has walked away feeling blessed, and that blessing will continue for countless others.

Thank you, Dr. Matthew, for showing the world what true kindness and compassion look like!

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