She’s Confused When Puppies Run Up With Hot Pink Tongues, Then Sees Mess They Left Behind


Puppies are notorious for getting into all kinds of trouble. It’s a good thing they’re cute and we love them so much, because they certainly are a handful!

Amanda Sena and her family can attest to this very fact. They brought home two¬†adorable Rottweiler puppies named¬†Apolo and Angel, and the pair has already gained quite the reputation for being troublemakers. They’ve even learned how to work together to open doors!

“They help each other be naughty,” Amanda said. “When I think I’ve seen it all, they still manage to surprise me.”

One of their most memorable surprises happened recently when Amanda had a friend over. She heard a strange sound coming from outside and went to investigate. That’s when she discovered a pink paper flower she’d had hanging in her room shredded up and strewn around the yard.

Then she saw the puppies.

Apolo and Angel tried to make a run for it, but they were quickly caught.

“It was the biggest mess,” Amanda said. “I asked my friend to go after them to see if there was anything in their mouths.”

While there wasn’t any paper in the puppies’ mouths, there was some other rather incriminating evidence that they had been the one to cause the mess.

The bright pink dye from the paper flower had colored their tongues hot pink!

Like bank robbers caught covered in exploding dye, these little guys carried their guilt with them. But Amanda says they weren’t the least bit sorry for their crime.

“They did not regret a thing,” she said. “They stuck out their tongues and just wanted to play more.”

Thankfully, the family found the humor in the little dogs’ antics.

“No one had the heart to get angry,” Amanda said. “Their happiness was just too beautiful.”

Once the family’s laughed subsided, Amanda called the vet to make sure the puppies weren’t in any danger. She was told that the dye probably wouldn’t be harmful, but that she should clean out their mouths and gives them lots of water, just in case.

Eventually, the puppies’ tongues returned to their normal color. But that doesn’t mean their penchant for mischief has gone away!