She Sees Frantic Dog Dart Into Trash Bin, Then Realizes What Cruel Owner Had Done

Animals are some of the most loyal friends you could ever ask for. Sadly, humans aren’t always so loyal.

Some people abandon their family pets. There can be horrible consequences to leaving a pet behind – injury caused by scavaging for food, starvation, and even more abuse at the hands of unkind strangers.

Thankfully, some unwanted pets are saved and taken to shelters. It takes diligence, the keen eyes of strangers, and compassion of rescuers to bring these deserted animals to safety. 

Hope For Paws is an organization in Los Angeles, California, that rescues abandoned or abused animals. Recently, HFP owner Eldad Hagar was contacted by a woman named Vanessa Rosales about a dog who would run away each time someone attempted to get close.

It turns out the dog’s owners had sold their property but left the canine behind.

Rosales noticed the dog would run and hide in the same enclosed property when it was scared. Because of trespassing laws, Hagar convinced Rosales to let his organization see what it could accomplish.

With the help of an onsite construction crew, Hagar and his rescue associate, Lisa Chiarelli, visited the site. The two rescuers entered through a gate.

They were greeted by a lot of construction noise, so Hagar initially thought they wouldn’t find the dog, but to their surprise they found the dog cowering in the corner of a plastic container. The makeshift home was propped open with a stick.

Then they saw something else that left them stunned. Beside the dog was a pup – her pup.

It’s unusual for mama dogs to have just one puppy so the rescuers asked around to see where the others might be. The construction crew said some neighborhood kids made off with her other puppies. The whereabouts of these kids were unknown, but it’s not surprising why the mama dog wasn’t leaving her baby’s side.

The two rescuers stood at a distance from the cream-colored dog. They tossed her treats, but she remained loyally by her puppy’s side. Slowly, Chiarelli crept closer to the dog, who growled a warning as the woman crouched near the container.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” said Hagar.

Finally, they managed to settle the mama dog.

Obviously hungry, the puppy dove after the treats. More reserved, the mama took one piece for herself.

While she enjoyed the tasty bit of nourishment, Hagar carefully crouched low and looped his trademark Lucky Leash around her neck.

“You’re gonna come with us,” Chiarelli said, her voice soft and non-threatening.

With fatigue and pain in her eyes, the mama dog peered up at the rescuers. She was still uncertain of them. Her pup sat trustingly by her side.

“What a good mama,” whispered Chiarelli in a comforting voice.

Hagar moved closer, hamburger in hand. He didn’t make any quick movements but progressed slowly while offering words of encouragement. He set the morsel beside the mama dog and started scratching under her chin and between her ears.

“What a nice girl,” Chiarelli murmured.

The black puppy headed to a back corner of the trash container where she yawned and watched her mother become familiar with the two friendly strangers. It took further coaxing, but the mama dog finally stepped outside the container.

“Come on puppy, let’s go,” called Hagar to the tiny daughter dog. She trotted forward with all the trust in the world for her mama and the humans.

The rescuers lifted the dogs and carried them from the property. They thanked the construction crew for their help and then took the mama pooch and her puppy to their vehicle where they drove away to a brighter future for both.

Chiarelli named the mother dog Zoe and the puppy Meadow. The pair are now happy and recovering, surrounded by loving people who will never abandon them.

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