Rescue Kitten Meowing Non-Stop At New Home, Then Owner Returns To Shelter And Learns Why

Human siblings aren’t the only ones who establish close ties. Kitten siblings can form strong bonds too, as one cat owner recently learned.

Out of the 3.4 million kittens that enter animal shelters across the country, according to the National Kitten Coalition, 1.4 of those are euthanized because they weren’t able to find loving forever homes. Before New Year’s Eve, 2017, Ares and his sister found their way to the doorstep of the Wisconsin Humane Society.

There’s no explanation how someone could abandon such cute kitties. Thankfully, Ares and his sister, Aphrodite, wouldn’t remain there long. Just a few weeks later, Alana Hadley came to the shelter, enquiring about a kitten.

Posted by Door County Campus – Wisconsin Humane Society on Monday, February 5, 2018

She fell in love with Ares and adopted him. She was interested in Aphrodite as well, but she would soon be leaving for her own forever home.

Alana and the handsome Ares went home. All was going well until that evening. Ares began meowing nonstop. Kitties can cry when they’re scared or uncertain. Alana understood her new kitty might have problems adjusting to living with her. She presented him with his very own stuffed animal to comfort him.

Sadly, the critter didn’t help. The crying went on and on and on. Alana decided to contact the shelter: “He has been almost non-stop meowing  until he goes to sleep,” read her note, “and then meows again when he’s awake.”

The next day, Aphrodite’s adoption fell through. She was in need of a new forever home. Alana had a fantastic idea she thought could help her new kitty cat. She and Ares rushed to the shelter where Ares and Aphrodite were reunited.

Posted by Door County Campus – Wisconsin Humane Society on Monday, February 5, 2018

Seeing how ecstatic the two were to be together, Alana immediately adopted Aphrodite. And wouldn’t you know it, Ares stopped his constant meowing.

“They both love to cuddle and purr like crazy when we are holding them,” she said in a follow-up message.

“They sleep most of the day,” she explained, “and they cuddle each other when they sleep!”

Awe, what a sweet pair! I guess all Ares needed was his sister’s love.