Pit Bull Trapped Inside Abandoned Truck For 4 Days, Then Cops Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

A pickup truck sits abandoned on the street; parking tickets accumulate on the windshield. Inside, a pit bull waits alone and hungry, hoping someone will come soon to rescue them.

Help will arrive in the form of officers from Milwaukee Police District 2. A Good Samaritan placed a call telling the police of the truck and the deserted pit bull. The police and a TV crew from WTMJ arrived on scene.

The video below shows the miraculous rescue of the pitbull. Officers broke into the vehicle and rescued the dog. The pooch appeared unharmed and in good spirits despite being locked inside for four days.

It was then taken to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission. Dr. Libby  Gutting said the dog was in great shape. She told WTMJ that anyone who finds a dog inside a car for more than an hour should contact the authorities.

“An animal could suffer from hypothermia or even pass away from that, so we definitely don’t want to leave animals outside in any sort of condition, especially for a car that’s not running,” she said.

Because this community came together, this pooch was saved. Because people cared and took action, this pit bull has another chance to find a happy home where they’ll be loved and well cared for. Don’t ever assume someone else will make the call to report seeing an animal or person in need of assistance. Others who observed the same might conclude the very exact thing you did.