Mom Wakes To Find 2-Yr-Old Missing, Then Cops Find 2 Sets Of Footprints Leading Into Woods

Children and their animals have an inexplicable, unbreakable bond forged by loyalty and love. Pets can become very protective of their little friends, which one beloved dog recently displayed in remarkable fashion.

Earlier this month in Mississippi, Chelsea Nobel awoke with a start. She couldn’t explain why she jerked awake, but once she glanced at the spot where her toddler son William was supposed to be sleeping, her heart rose in her throat – William was gone.

Bounding from her bed, Chelsea rushed around her home calling for her son. There was no answer. He wasn’t there.

Chelsea immediately called the police who quickly set out on a search of the woods near her home. The distressing search for William Odom was cataloged on social media and neighbors and other locals joined in the search for the toddler.

Search parties scoured the woods for hours without success. They couldn’t find the 2-year-old little boy. They did, however, locate his tiny footprints which they followed through the foliage. 

Alongside William’s small prints they found another set of prints, but these weren’t human. Chelsea quickly realized that their family dog was with him. William wasn’t alone on his journey.

The search party continued with little luck. Police were gravely concerned that the boy might’ve found his way to a stream, but thankfully the footprints never led in that direction.

After school the next day, another boy named Blake Carroll returned home. He heard a horn honking and realized it was coming from one of the trucks on his uncle’s property. Following the noise, the boy cautiously approached the old truck. He spotted a dog circling the vehicle and scratching at the door.

Curious – and a little afraid – Blake peered inside and noticed a toddler honking the horn. It was William!

Blake assured the young boy, who was crying, that everything was going to be all right and then hurried to get his uncle, who notified police.

Blake’s uncle removed William from the truck’s cab and paramedics soon arrived with the police to check for injuries. Other than mosquito bites and some cuts and bruises, William was unharmed. He had made the quarter-mile journey unscathed. The family pooch kept him safe.

William has been diagnosed with autism, which may be why he didn’t answer when rescue volunteers called his name.

Chelsea is just relieved to have her son back safe and sound.

Sheriff Troy Peterson marveled at the dog’s actions. “The whole time William was missing, his dog never left his side,” he said. “Every time we found his footprint, we found the dog footprint right beside him. So the dog traveled with him all day.”

This pooch should be awarded for his valor and loyalty. The dog had to have known William needed him as he rose and struck out for the woods.

Knowing the dog never left William touches my heart and I just want to put my arms around the pup and give him the biggest hug ever!

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