Mom Delivers 5th Child In Water Birth, Looks Down At New Baby’s Face And Knows

Today, having a baby is a big deal. There are gender reveal parties and technology where you can learn the sex of your child before they’re born. Couples can choose though, to skip this part, allowing for there to be an element of surprise at the birth.

Even for expectant mother, Amber Rojas, who was having her fifth baby, she wanted to be surprised at birth: “Since this was my fifth baby,” she told Love What Matters, “I’ve literally labored every way possible, so I wanted to leave something to surprise — something different to look forward to, especially because we really were not planning to have any more. I decided to do a surprise gender and my husband and kids just went along with it.”

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The family was concerned with how others would perceive them and their decision; everyone was supportive of their choice. This baby was a blessing from God and would be their last.

As time went on, Amber sensed something was different about this pregnancy. Her husband reassured her all was well; she was just worried because they decided to keep the baby’s gender a secret. Later in the pregnancy, she swore she could feel the baby breathing, something she couldn’t feel with her other four children.

Amber’s a pro when it comes to having kids. She knows what being pregnant is like for her, and this time was unusual. For this birth, Amber wanted a water birth. everyone wrote encouraging messages and posted them on the walls of the room.

Her labor progressed quickly. Soon, Amber cradled her infant in her arms. One look at the baby’s face and she knew why the baby was different.

“Next thing I knew, my sweet baby was in my arms, and I had so many emotions; and as soon as I looked down, I saw it,” wrote Amber. “I saw it in my baby’s face. I thought to myself… my baby has  Down syndrome .”

Birth of Amadeus…

I think a birth film is just what everyone needs to cheer them up on this yucky rainy day!Meet, Amadeus… This was baby number 5, their tie breaker, surprise gender AND 2nd VBAC. She had an even bigger surprise in store with a surprise down syndrome diagnosis but that didn't even matter because they were completely in love with her and all her chromosomes. Her big siblings helped encourage their mama by hanging special signs they made her all around the birth room and they could not WAIT to see if they were getting a brother or sister!

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The midwife didn’t immediately confirm what Amber already knew. They took mother and daughter to the hospital. Doctors confirmed Amber’s daughter did indeed have Down Syndrom. She also had a heart condition, which was the breathing Amber felt. amber didn’t question, mourn or be consumed with fear and doubt. She accepted her daughter as she was; she vowed to be the best mother she could be to Amadeus.

“I wanted to know everything they knew about babies with Down syndrome so I could best care for my daughter, Amadeus,” she wrote. “We didn’t care that she had Down syndrome because we were all  obsessed with her and all her chromosomes!”

“God gave us Amadeus for a reason. Our family was going a million different ways, and Amadeus has brought us together. We are learning together about a whole community that we never knew anything about.”

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“But at the end of the day she IS our baby, and we are her FAMILY! To us she is perfect. We don’t see her diagnosis or her label — we see Amadeus Reign Rojas.”

This family is one that will stick together through everything. everyone will be there for Amadeus; to love her, guide her, teach her and give her the family she deserves.