Man Loses Engagement Ring Belonging To Girlfriend’s Granny, Then Father Sees Sign Pinned To Tree


If you’ve ever proposed to someone you love, you perhaps remember being nervous and scared to death. How would you feel if you lost the ring? Nico Bellamy from California experienced this when he planned on asking his long-time then-girlfriend, Caitie Schlisserman to be his wife.

His now fiancee’s father gave him a ring three years earlier. This was a family heirloom as it once belonged to Katie’s grandmother who’d passed away nearly a year before: “I put [the ring] in a safety deposit box in Los Angeles,” Nico said. “We bought a house across town. I had the idea that I was going to be proposing, so I wanted to have [the ring] with me.”

The two had just bought a house together. Everything was chaotic. They’d hired movers to help them settle in. Nico put the ring in his backpack, which he then left in one of the rooms in their new place. He then promptly forgot about it for a week.

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When he went to get the ring, Nico noticed it was gone: “My fiancee’s dad was coming to town to help us get settled in.

“When I went to look for the ring, my backpack was unzipped.

“I poured everything out, and it wasn’t there. I immediately ran to the bathroom and threw up. Katie  knew something was up, but I couldn’t tell her.”

Poor Nico; to have planned this proposal so thoroughly then to have his plans go awry would make anyone lose their cookies. Nico’s going to pick up the man he’s thinking could be his father-in-law after just discovering he’s lost the man’s mother’s ring. And grandma’s been gone for just a few months. Um, not exactly an ideal situation to find yourself in.

Koodos to Nico for handling it like a champ. thankfully, Caitie’s dad was nice about it, but I’m sure that didn’t make Nico feel any better.

Can someone give him a break, please? Yes, I was wondering the same thing too. Sheesh, this guy’s been through enough. He’s eventually going to have to break the bad news to Katie that he’s lost her granny’s ring.

Or is he?

As the two men headed home from the airport, Nico had to divert his route because of traffic. He turned down a road he’d never taken before. It was on this street that Katie’s father spotted a sign that read: “engagement ring found.” He made Nico aware of the sign, which turned out to be his salvation.

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After he dropped off his future father-in-law, Nico rushed out again. The dog needed to be walked in spite of the 100-degree temperature. Nico returned to the street. After texting the number on the sign, he learned the ring was indeed his.

Within the hour, the ring was in Nico’s hands again. The couple from his neighborhood mentioned many had contacted them about it; no one but Nico had been able to describe it.

Instead of proposing when he planned, Nico made the best of a holiday: “I proposed on New Year’s Eve.

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“That night, I told Caitie, ‘I have to tell you this story because I wanted to invite this couple that you don’t know.'”

He then proceeded to tell Caitie the terrifying story of losing her Grandma’s ring. Caitie believes their happy ending is all her grandmother’s doing. She guided Nico and her father down the street with the sign. The rest is history.

I believe we all have angels watching over us. Sometimes, they have to intervene, give us a helping hand when we’re stuck. If you don’t think it was Katie’s grandmother doing good work for Caitie and Nico, who helped him find the ring? Personally, I like to believe in the unexplainable.