Grandma Suddenly Pulls Over To Side Of Road And Passes Out, 7-Year Old Immediately Springs Into Action


Children pick up on all they see and hear. Their smarts shouldn’t be underestimated. When Kenzie Smith’s grandma wasn’t feeling well, the 7-year-old took action.

Kenzie and her grandma, Donna Bryan were in the car when Bryan became short of breath. She pulled over to the side of the road before passing out. The little girl from Wisconsin jumped into action, calling 911.

“Hello. My grandma can’t breathe,” she told dispatch, according to WKBT-TV.

Kenzie informed dispatch of their location and first responders arrived on the scene within minutes to assist Bryan. She is now doing well, all thanks to Kenzie’s quick thinking.

“Kenzie, they’re gonna help you. You did a good job, OK?” the 911 operator said.

The second-grader has been celebrated for saving Bryan’s life. The ceremony was held at La Crosse’s First Evangelical Lutheran School last Friday. The city’s fire department along with Mayo Clinic Health Systems came to her school previously where they taught students life-saving techniques. Both organizations commended Kenzie for her bravery.

“I think I was more upset and nervous and everything than she was,” Bryan said. “She remained very calm for a little kid that’s way over-anxious about everything; this was definitely a strong moment for her.”

For a little girl, Kenzie downplayed her part with the maturity of someone twice her age: “Everybody did their part for the emergency.”

“It’s true isn’t it?” Bryan said. “We always need one another. I needed you, and they needed them and they all needed a hospital, so we all worked together.”

You’re a hero, Kenzie; pat yourself on the back. You’ve earned it.