Golden Retriever Escapes From Home And Gets Injured, But He Takes Matters Into His Own Paws

There’s no denying dogs love to explore their surroundings. There are so many smells, sights and sounds for them to investigate. Even well-trained pooches tend to walk off, leaving their owners frantic and terrified for them. Has their precious pet been stolen? Hit by a car? Are they out in the elements?

There’s no telling their condition if they don’t have a collar with tags and a microchip. Those are musts if you want your pet located. Fortunately for one dog owner, they were reunited with their four-legged friend.

One day, a golden retriever trotted up to the back door of the Petto Street animal hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. It was as if he knew where to go for help. With his left eye covered in blood, the dog scratched at the door, announcing himself.

Veterinarian Siramanee Wongpitayadisai cleaned up his eye. She had to stitch his eyelid. To make sure “Den” as she named him wouldn’t undo her work, she popped a cone over his head. Den is Thai shorthand for “golden retriever.”

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Posted by Petto' Street on Thursday, January 4, 2018

Siramanee knew den belonged to a lucky human. The sweet, well-behaved boy didn’t have a collar or tags. She put the handsome guy on her motorcycle and drove around the neighborhood hoping someone would recognize him and claim him as theirs.

Her efforts proved fruitless. No one took the gentle golden guy. Siramanee didn’t give up on him. She posted photos of Den on the clinic’s Facebook page. Sure enough, den’s owner saw them and came forward. The curious pooch snuck out of the home and must have been injured during the process.

Most dogs are scared of going to the vets. They tend to run from help than head to it. Not Den it seems. What a smart, sweet boy. I’m glad he’s back with his owner; thanks to Siramanee for doing her part and sewing up the injured retriever.