Girl Age 4 Learns About Officer’s Cancer Diagnoses, Cops Speechless When She Empties Piggy Bank

4-year-old Sidney Fahrenbruch is wise beyond her years. She has a strong bond with the boys and girls in blue in Longmont, Colorado. According to the little girl’s mother, Megan Fahrenbruch, her daughter’s love for the police started one day when she saw an officer directing traffic. Megan said: “It was hot outside and she said, ‘He looks thirsty; he needs  water,’ and she brought him a bottle of water.”

A four-year-old girl named Sidney Fahrenbruch recently moved into a new house with her family in Longmont, Colorado. …

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In another sillier yet to Sidney, a very serious incident, the police were called to her family’s new home. Charged with the important task of searching the premises for monsters was Master Officer David Bonday. The officer gave Sidney the okay to move in. It was safe.

Since then, Sidney and her mother make frequent weekly visits to the Longmont Police station to drop off snacks. On a recent visit, however, mother and daughter learned some distressing news about one of their friends in blue: Officer Kyle Zulauf is fighting a battle with pancreatic cancer. The Army veteran and father of three had to take a leave of absence for a year and a half to have surgery and recover from his treatment.

When kids toss some coins in their piggy bank, they are saving for a cool new toy or a movie date. But 4 year old Sidney…

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He returned to full-time duty, but shortly afterward, he learned his cancer had returned. He would need more surgery and treatment once more.

A colleague, Sgt. Matt Cage described Zulauf by saying “He has a heart of gold. I’ve seen  him do a lot of good work.”

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Zulauf’s colleagues got behind their friend and fellow officer, organizing fundraisers to help lessen the costs of his medical treatments. Naturally, Sidney wanted to be involved. In October of 2017, she went to the police station to pay her friend, Master Officer Bonday a visit. she handed over every penny in her piggy bank. $9 would go toward cancer.

“For a four-year-old that can step up and say at four, ‘I understand cancer is a bad thing, and being nice is a good thing, and I want to do my part to help out’—It’s just super special,” said Bonday to the local news station, KMGH-TV.

Sidney told TODAY. “It’s the nice thing to do,” she said.

“I brought it to help people with cancer,” she added. “I like (police officers)—they help people,  and they take bad people to jail.”

To thank her, the Longmont Police Department wrote this about Sidney on their website.  “Words are not available for what this means to us,” they wrote.

“We continue to hope that, with the help of Sidney and others, Zulauf and his loved ones will pull  through these hardships.”

What a sweet and inspiring little girl Sidney is. Her heart is so big and giving.