Football Player Waits For Game To Start, Starts Sobbing When He Sees Who’s Standing On Field


The whole stadium waited anxiously as the football team captains walked to the middle of the field for the coin toss.

Law High School tight end Cole Egersheim was walking up to join his teammates when he noticed something about one of the refs that made him stop.

The ref was wearing dark glasses, which seemed odd for a nighttime game, but there was something else familiar about the man in the black and white stripes.

All of a sudden, it clicked. The “ref” was actually Cole’s dad, Master Sgt. Joe Egersheim!

Joe had been stationed in Kuwait with the Army Reserves for over a year and decided to surprise his kids with his homecoming at the game.

As soon as Cole realized his dad was standing right in front of him, he was overcome with emotion and rushed to give him a hug.

Cole’s twin sister Olivia, who was also on the field as a cheerleader, quickly ran over to join her dad and brother in an emotional group hug. The entire stadium cheered and applauded as the family held each other.

It turned out having his dad there to see him was just the motivation Cole and his team needed! They ended up beating Bethel High School, 34-21 – the icing on the cake of a wonderful night.

We love watching our military men and women be reunited with their families! We are so thankful for their sacrifice and wish them all the best!

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