Father In Coma Doesn’t Respond To Paramedics, But When His Dog Shows Up – Everything Changes

73-year-old Giovanni lives in Italy with his companion, Nancy. She’s his dog. One day last month while out for a walk, Giovanni suffered a heart attack. Nancy remained at his side until the paramedics arrived and resuscitated him. But Giovanni’s long-time furry friend was left bereft without her lifelong buddy.

The older gentleman arrived at the hospital but fell into a coma shortly after. Nancy was left despondent without Giovani. She remained in the care of Deborah Del Sere, Giovanni’s daughter while her owner remained in a vegetative state.

Nancy didn’t give up hope her human would return to her side. She faithfully waited by the front door for days.

Deborah learned about a new program offered at the hospital tending her father; patients could receive visits from their pets. She didn’t hesitate to bring Nancy to visit Giovanni. No one could predict what would happen when the two were finally reunited.

As Nancy entered the room and was placed at Giovanni’s side, this elicited a response from him not seen since he’d entered the coma. He began to stir; his body convulsed gently as though he recognized Nancy’s presence.

Nancy seemed to understand Giovanni needed her: She stayed by his side and wagged her tail: “She stayed close and kissed my father,” Deborah told The Dodo, adding that his expression changed in that moment like he was going to cry. “I like to think that was him saying, ‘Hello  little one; now we can say goodbye.'”

Incontro tra il mio Babbo e Nancy reparto di rianimazione Ulss 13 Mirano

Posted by Deborah Del Sere on Thursday, December 15, 2016

Awe. What a sweet wonderful bond these two have. How can you read this and not fight back tears? Especially when you watch the video clip?

Unfortunately, Giovanni isn’t expected to wake from the coma. He will soon be transferred to a long-term care facility. Deborah says her father appears to be more at peace since Nancy’s visit. Like her owner, Nancy has also seemed to be doing better.

Valli Calzavara helps coordinate pet visitations at the hospital. There are definite advantages for allowing patients to spend time with their pets: “It benefits both patients and pets,” she told The Dodo, “because the human-animal bond is one of pure and inseparable love.”

“Inseparable love,” indeed. This bond can never be broken, even with death. After you’ve wiped your eyes, don’t forget to share this post.