Elderly Dog Depressed After Cat Companion Dies – Family Knows Only 1 Thing Can Cheer Him Up

We all have those friends we can’t be without. They have to be part of our lives no matter what. And being separated? The thought is inconceivable.

The same can be said of some animals who live together. Forsberg is a 10-year-old golden retriever, and his bestie was ginger, an orange tabby cat. Sure, at first, the two didn’t get along. This was eight years ago when the furry feline was introduced to Forsberg;  a lot can change with time.

It might’ve been rough going for the two pets. Then one day, they became attached at the hip. They would eat their meals together and even cuddle during naptime. Nothing could tear the two buddies apart.

But like all good things, the relationship between Forsberg and sweet ginger had to end. Unfortunately, Ginger fell ill. She had thyroid cancer. Ginger didn’t last long after her diagnosis.

Ginger’s loss tore darling Forsberg’s life to pieces. He fell into a depression, moping about the family home. He refused to eat the way he used to. By the time of Ginger’s death, both cat and dog were up there in years. Ginger was 15 while Forsberg was 10. The senior animals grew accustomed to one another’s company; poor Forsberg wasn’t adjusting well without his best pal.

Desperate, Forsberg’s parents didn’t have a clue about how to help their golden boy. They thought with the passage of time, he’d grow out of his depression, but this didn’t happen. Because of his advanced years, they became concerned with his health and feared Forsberg was on the decline.

They’d once seen a video online where a family who had a grieving pet like Forsberg got another animal to serve as a companion for the one who’d passed away. They hoped by bringing another kitty into their home, Forsberg would bond with them and become their happy boy again.

It worked. Thanks to the addition of a black cat named Maxwell, Forsberg soon cheered up.

Maxwell wasn’t Ginger. The tabby was irreplaceable. Maxwell, the tiny kitten, fell in love with his big golden housemate. Two years later, the cat and dog do everything Ginger, and Forsberg used to do.

Like Ginger, Maxwell brings out the best in his new dog bud. The cat is the perfect companion for Forsberg. He’ll live out his days being happy spending time with his new friend.

Forsberg and his kitty Maxwell today (see below story)

Posted by The Teddy and Roxy Show on Thursday, August 11, 2016

I hope this story brings as much joy to your heart as it did mine. I hope these two have their best days ahead of them.