Dad Takes Age 3 Daughter Out For Valentine’s Day To Show Her How She Deserves To Be Treated

It’s so cool when fathers show their daughters how special they are. Children learn by observing the adults around them. Whether they see the men in their lives treat the women with love, respect, and kindness or with less than they deserve, girls come to believe they ought to accept this same treatment. Boys too, mirror the men around them in how they act toward the women and girls in their lives.

Detric Clark, a father from Louisiana, went all out to show his daughter, Kinsley how important and special she is. And he did it by taking his 3-year-old on a daddy-daughter date on Valentine’s Day of all nights. His wife, Ashley stayed home with their 4-month-old son while the duo went out.

“I didn’t expect him to dress it up the way that he did,” Ashley Clark said of her husband. “He  went out and bought her a blue dress and got her a card.”

Detric said he wanted to show his daughter how she deserves to be treated. And what better way to take her out: “I just feel like she sees me all the time showing her mom love. I wanted to show her that she deserves the same love,” Detric Clark told

Ashley read Kinsley the card her daddy brought her. The little girl cried at his kind gesture.

“Hello my beautiful princess,” the card read. “Get dress[ed]. I’m taking you to your favorite spot.”

Her father made this date even more special when he got down on one knee and presented his sweet little girl with a red rose.

“She was too thrilled,” Ashley Clark said. “When I read the card to her, she was like, ‘For me?’  She was so excited.”

Ashley surprised her husband and daughter on their date and recorded the lovely event. It’s since gone viral: “I just wanted to take my daughter out and show her a good time,” Detric Clark said. “I want to give my wife and daughter the best. If I show her the best, she is going to expect it.”

Amen, my friend. Everyone deserves the best. It’s not about money or possessions, but love, respect, and kindness. What better way to show a little girl than to let her see her mother receive such acceptance and care from a man who clearly loves her? Kinsley will grow up to expect nothing less. I wish all children had such strong, positive male role models in their lives.