Couple Loses 2 Dogs In Accident. 3 Days Later Hear Knock At Door-What They Find Has Them Sobbing

When we bring an animal into our home, they become part of the family. We may have only had them days – or even hours – but once they enter our hearts, we can’t imagine life without them.

When we have to say goodbye, it is absolutely heartbreaking. And it’s even more so when it comes suddenly and unexpectedly.

That’s what happened to Laura Waltenburg’s family. Her sister and brother-in-law lost both of their dogs in a tragic car accident. The pain they felt was unbearable, especially when they had to explain what had happened to their youngest child.

A couple days after the accident, the couple received two 40-pound bags of dog food in the mail that they had ordered from pet supply company Chewy. It was a painful reminder that both of their beloved pets were gone.

Heartbroken, they sent an email to Chewy asking if it would be okay for them to send the food back for a refund, minus the shipping costs.

When they got the reply back from the company, they couldn’t believe their eyes. Not only did they refund the full price of the food, they told the couple not to return the bags and to instead donate them to a local shelter. They also asked for a picture of one of the dogs to put in their memorial book to honor her.

The family was overwhelmed by the kindness and compassion the company had shown. Little did they know there was more to come!

The next day, they opened their front door to find a beautiful flower arrangement from Chewy!

Laura was so touched by what the company had done that she shared the story on Facebook. Soon her post was flooded with comments from others who had experienced similar kindness from the pet supply company.

“My mom lost 2 of her cats within a week or so of each other and called Chewy to cancel her standing order of food and litter with them,” Regina Brown Huber shared. “They also sent her flowers and a card. I was so impressed by that. What a great, caring company.”

“My mother has used Chewy for a while now,” Kristi Duncan said. “She also received flowers from them when they found out she had major surgery. This company is hands down amazing! They have the best customer service!”

“Chewy followed my baby girl Joy through struggles of overcoming back leg paralysis and fighting off 4 forms of cancer,” Jana Lynn wrote. “When she lost her 4 year battle they sent me her beautiful face on a canvas. I cry routinely gazing at it still, one year later. They are beyond measure.”

It is clear this is a company that truly cares about their customers. It would have been easy for them to tell Laura’s family “no” when they asked for a refund, or even refund the money and take the dog food back, but they went above and beyond, showing compassion to the grieving family and helping local shelters in need at the same time.

What a wonderful company and a wonderful story! We need more like them in the world!

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