Cops Get Call About Strange Box Sitting In Snow, Hearts Break When They Look Inside


It’s hard to imagine how anyone could abandon a helpless, innocent creature, but sadly we see it time and time again. Thankfully, though there are bad people in this world, there are also a lot of heroic and kind souls who do all they can to help those in need.

When someone noticed a cardboard box sitting by the side of the road one snowy night in Cleveland, Ohio, they thought something seemed off so they went to see if there was anything inside. When they looked inside, their hearts broke.

There, curled up together trying to stay warm, were four tiny kittens.

They had been left in the box with no blankets or food as the snow came down in drifts. If they had to spend much more time out in the cold they would die.

Thankfully, the good Samaritan notified police who then contacted the Cleveland Animal Protective League. Rescuers quickly went out to rescue the poor kittens.

“Last night, our team received a call from Cleveland Police about a box of kittens left on the side of the road during the snow storm,” the Protective League wrote in a post. “Our team immediately went out to bring these kittens inside from the cold.”

Thankfully, they were able to get to the kittens in time. They brought them in out of the cold and give them food and a warm bed to sleep in.

The kittens were named after characters from the kids’ classic movie The Sandlot. Smalls, Squints, Repeat, and Benny were cared for until they were strong enough and old enough to go with their adoptive families.

Most people would probably see a cardboard box sitting on the side of the road and think it’s garbage. We’re so thankful this kind-hearted person decided to check it out. Because of them, four precious little lives were saved!

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