Class Gathers At Flagpole To Pray, But When She Looks At 2-Yr-Old, Immediately Begins Sobbing

In my own life, there have been more than a handful of times when I have needed serious prayer. Sometimes I pray for myself – during my alone time, I write my prayers down in a prayer journal or I speak out my needs in the comfort of my bedroom. Other times I petition others to pray on my behalf. I have gone to pastors, friends, elders, Christian radio stations, and church prayer websites all to have someone intercede for me.

In 1990, a prayer campaign was started by a group of youths from Texas. Their movement was entitled “See You at the Pole.” Students would meet at their school’s flagpole to be an example of public prayer and faith to those around them.

Since its initial gathering, over 3 million people around the nation have picked up on the idea and followed in their footsteps. Today, because of the youth group’s courage, student ministries and on-campus Bible study groups have been formed in schools all over the country.

Alpine Christian Academy in East Texas is a committed participant in the special “See You at the Pole” movement, routinely taking their students out to the flagpole to pray to God about the things that are on their hearts.

There are customary positions of prayer that most of us are familiar with: eyes closed, hands folded, head bowed, knees down on the ground, etc. The looks on our faces while praying could be a clear indication of what it is we are talking to God about. If someone is smiling and laughing, they could be super happy about something God has done in his or her life. If someone is crying and anxious, there could be something heavy on his or her heart that needs God’s immediate attention.

Cameron Gillespie, 2-years-old, of Alpine Christian Academy stood in front of her school’s pole with a look of urgency on her face. Her hands were intertwined in front of her chest, her eyes were closed, and her face was scrunched up and filled with emotion.

According to her teachers, she always prays this way. She has expressed that her friends, family, and our country are at the top of her prayer list.

The faith written all over this precious little girl’s body language is a blessing to witness. We are so happy to know that she is confident in God hearing her prayers, because He does!

Thank you for being an example to all of us, Cameron. You are a true prayer warrior!

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