Bride And Groom Think DJ Is About To Play Song, But Sister Says To Look At Figures Walking Through Door

I adore weddings; I’ve sung at church services and receptions; there’s just something about seeing the moments when a couple recites their vows. It’s beautiful and lovely and so sweet. Sara and Brandon, from Osh Kosh, Wisconsin had spoken their vows. It was time for their reception at the Sugar Island Barn where their friends and family waited for them to arrive.

Their friend Tammy had a surprise up her sleeve. The couple knew she was planning something, but they couldn’t even predict what it was. And Tammy too didn’t know if her careful planning would work either.

Tammy knew the Country USA concert was in town around the time of her friend’s wedding. Sara and Brandon’s favorite country music band would be there. Months before the wedding, Tammy took a chance and wrote a letter to this very famous and busy band, hoping they could make an appearance at the wedding party, but not counting on it. She didn’t get her hopes up because she didn’t want to be disappointed.

For their first dance as man and wife, Sara and Brandon had the DJ play “Bless The Broken Road” by their favorite band, Rascal Flatts. The song’s lyrics told their love story perfectly.

As the music started to play, Sara’s sister, the only person besides Tammy who knew of the surprise stepped up to the mic. The staff working the wedding didn’t even know what was to come next! “I’m not musically inclined at all, so we needed a little extra help for this surprise for you guys,” she announced. “So with a little help,  I’ll hand it off to them.”

As the barn doors swung open, Brandon and Sara started crying. They knew the identity of their wedding crashers.

“One of the best things was that they said they were going to be praying for us. Because obviously marriage isn’t an easy thing, it’s kinda difficult.  So we’ll we praying for them, they’ll be praying for us, and it was a great, great, great experience,” Sara said.

No words can do justice to this perfect wedding surprise. Watch the video for yourself.