Age 2 Boy Abandoned By Mom In Sub-Zero Weather, But Dog Won’t Leave Him To Die

Dogs are truly our best friends. When it comes to the bonds between dogs and children, they’re unbreakable. And that can’t be truer for one little boy from Russia and his family pet.

Deaths in Russia during subzero temperatures and nasty snowstorms are unfortunately common. Children being left on the porch of a family’s home during nasty conditions? Unheard of. Thankfully, this 2-year-old wasn’t alone. He had his family’s dog for comfort and company.

The boy and his mother lived in the Altai region of southern Siberia. We still don’t know why this mother left her child to suffer in Temperatures that had fallen to minus 12 degrees Celcius (10.4 degrees Fahrenheit). The cold tempts forced the little tyke to endure the excruciating weather without food, water or shelter.

He had the warmth of his family’s dog. The animal never left his side during those two rough days. By the time his neighbors found him, he was suffering from acute hypothermia. And his mother? She arrived four days after her son’s life was saved. She was jailed for her crime. Investigators examined whether the mother intentionally left her child to suffer outdoors. The little boy remained in the hospital until he’d made a full recovery. Officials fully credited the dog for saving the toddler’s life. Though he didn’t have shelter or food, he did have the pet for company, protection, and warmth. Without his four-legged friend, the boy wouldn’t have survived this ordeal.

I hope this little boy is warm and happy where ever he is. I hope his mother no longer has custody of him. What could possess a woman to leave her child outdoors where he could die from the elements? No parent who loved their children would act so irresponsibly.