2-Yr-Old Stray Tortoiseshell Cat’s Hair Turns White. Vet Reveals Heartbreaking Reason Why

Believe it or not, some animal shelters do refuse to treat animals that are brought through their doors. Some cats and dogs are in such horrible shape; staff won’t touch them. One poor kitty later named Rogue was one such case.

Rogue was a stray in very rough condition. She had a horrible case of mange when she was brought into a shelter in Northern California.

“We don’t know anything about her previous life before she came to our shelter,” Buffy Martin  Tarbox, the communications manager for the  Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA  (PHS/SPCA), told The Dodo. “She was brought in to us on January 22 by a person who found her as a  stray on the street. She had no ID or microchip.”

Rogue had the worst case of mange the veterinary staff had ever seen. Thus, the reason for her appearance. Mange can be a painful condition. Microscopic mites burrow into the skin of animals. This causes rashes and irritation. Luckily though there is treatment available. But for Rogue, the mange would leave a permanent mark. When the hair on her head grew back, it was white, not orange or black like the rest of her tortoiseshell coat.

“She was in bad shape … you could see the open sores on her head,” Tarbox said. “Now she’s completely healed, and her hair has grown back solid white. Our lead vet thinks her hair grew back  white as a sign of the trauma she’s been through.”

She’s just 2-years-old, and she’s already had an incredible life. Now though, Rogue has found her forever home with a shelter volunteer.

“She is an exceptionally sweet cat,” Tarbox said. “And she was just adopted.”

Poor Rogue. She had a tough go of it before her rescue. Thanks to the intervention of the caring staff members, she’s living a healthier and happier life where she’s loved and properly cared for.