Teen In Desperate Need Of Expensive Surgery, That’s When Simon Cowell Takes Matters Into His Own Hands


Simon Cowell is the judge people love to hate; he can be harsh and unkind, even downright mean with his comments. One thing you’ll know you’ll get with him is honesty. With age, he’s shown more of his softer side.

Beneath his miserly public image is a man with a generous heart. One contestant named Julia Carlile found out just how good of a person Simon is when he paid for her to have a $240,000 back surgery to allow her to continue dancing.

Julia always wanted to be a professional dancer. Even with scoliosis, she worked hard As she got older, her spine continued to curve; it began to crush her lungs. She fought through the pain.

She’s been dancing since the age of five. Her close friends formed a group called the Mersey Girls. The ladies made it on to “Britain’s Got Talent.” They received the “golden buzzer” from judge Alesha Dixon.

Posted by Julia Carlile on Thursday, February 1, 2018

If their group won the show, Julia could have the surgery. Otherwise, it was too expensive for her to afford on her own. And what she could afford, it wouldn’t allow her to keep dancing. The operation she needed was done in the United States; it would let her spine be more flexible.

Mersey Girls placed fourth overall in the competition. Simon came backstage to congratulate them. But he had an even bigger surprise in store for Julia. He was going to pay for her surgery.

“Simon came and spoke to us backstage,” Julia said. “Just walking off stage and he said he was paying for it and I couldn’t believe it.”

Posted by Simon Cowell on Saturday, April 9, 2016

Simon kept his word. He flew Julia to the U.S. where she had her surgery. She’s recovering nicely. She can’t wait to hit the dance floor and show the world her awesome moves.

“I always wanted the surgery but could never afford it. I owe Simon so much because if he hadn’t paid for me, my curve would have continued to increase, leaving me unable to dance and in a lot of pain. Having an operation was my only choice.”

Julia is thankful she can continue dancing with her friends and following her dreams. It’s a miracle though she’s still able to.

We are so happy that's julia has had her first op and she is ok!!! She is so brave and all of Mersey Girls miss her so…

Posted by JustUs-MerseyGirls on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

“The surgeons said they didn’t understand how I’d been dancing with that curve,” she said. “But  thanks to the operation, my flexibility should be similar to people without scoliosis.”

Simon’s generosity didn’t end with paying for Julia’s operation. He also put the young dancer and her family up in a London hotel so they could watch the X-Factor.: “When I told him he’d changed my life, he said, ‘No, you’ve changed my life!’” she said. “He gave me a big hug, and when I told him I could dance again, he said, ‘I’m so proud of you.'”

With Simon’s gift, Julia feels unstoppable; she’s looking forward to the years of dancing ahead of her: “Before, I’d always wear a big baggy jumper to cover my back. Now I love how my back looks – there will be no stopping me in 2018.”

Way to go, Julia! Keep on dancing, girl. And Simon, you’re a softy with a good heart. The jig is up pal.