Mom Of Triplets Goes In For Ultrasound. Doctor ‘Turns White’ When She Sees What’s On Screen


For some couples, having their own biological children just isn’t in the cards. Philip and Courtney Garrett know this heartbreak all too well.

“It’s just hard to hear that you may not be able to get to have children,” said Courtney.

Modern medicine has helped many couples conceive who previously thought they had no hope. Courtney and Philip looked to IVF and, to their utter joy, they found themselves expecting in 2010.

As if this weren’t already an incredible miracle, the Garrett’s learned they were going to become the parents of triplets.

“We were just ecstatic. Ecstatic!” Courtney recalled.

The Garretts had implanted two eggs, but one of the eggs had split, meaning they would have two identical boys and a fraternal sister.

The happy couple soon welcomed Oliver, Jack, and Ellie and the triplets flourished and grew into healthy children with infectious smiles.

Several years later, the proud parents wanted to give their triplets another sibling. They decided to try IVF again and this time, to their surprise, they experienced another miracle.

During an ultrasound, the fertility doctor’s face turned white. Concerned, Courtney asked what was wrong, and he proceeded to tell them that an unprecedented medical marvel had occurred.

During the same month Courtney tried IVF she also conceived naturally. Then, one of the eggs split, giving the Garretts another set of triplets with identical twins and a fraternal sibling!

Courtney and Philip were stunned, but quickly worked to wrap their minds around this newest miracle and prepare their older triplets for the babies’ arrival.

On Oliver, Jack, and Ellie’a seventh birthday, their parents broke the news.

“Does anyone have any idea what the surprise is?” Courtney asked the triplets. One guessed a dog, another an X-box game.

“Mommy’s pregnant!” Courtney explained.

At first, the children didn’t receive this news well. They yelled, “Oh no!!!” and complained this wasn’t a very good birthday present. They were even more upset when they learned their mommy was expecting three girls.

While this wasn’t exactly the reaction Courtney and Philip were hoping for, everything changed when the older triplets first saw their little sisters,Wells and Vivienne, and Georgie.

It was love at first sight and they were quick to take on the roles of doting older siblings. Each of the older triplets has even been assigned a younger sibling to look after.

After struggling for years to start a family, the Garretts now have half a dozen little ones in their brood. What a beautiful blessing! They couldn’t be happier!

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