Mom Feeds Puppy Dinner, But His Gravity-Defying Antics Have Her Reaching For The Camera


Have you ever been in a funky mood that was instantly put to rest once you got some food? I know I have! Being hungry is almost always the reason behind the little moments of grumpiness I exude throughout the day.

This response to lack of food is common among a lot of people, and it starts when we are babies. Screaming, crying, and/or whining is usually how a baby hints that they are need of nourishment.

Food is a necessity, and it’s only natural that going without it would trigger some form of exasperation inside of us. But the feeling is easily alleviated and replaced with excitement when we have that nice snack or meal before our eyes.

After watching the video below, I have realized how much animals share some of their most simple characteristics and habits with humans!

One super cute Boston terrier was overjoyed when he started eating his dinner. The little pup has his head in a bowl of food with his body stretched out.

A few seconds into his meal, his feet began to shake with glee. As he continued to munch away at his dinner, his lower body started to rise up off the mat.

His owners can be heard chuckling as they watch it all happen. And that’s not even the funniest part!

As his excitement grew, the little dog’s legs lifted so high off the ground that he literally did a flip!

But he didn’t let that stop him. Despite the disruption, he continued to eat. One of the family members watching him had to straighten out his body for him!

It really is the cutest thing ever! I’ve watched it over and over, and I cannot help but smile each time.

Enjoy your meal, buddy. No judgment over here – we’ve all been there before!

Did you find this puppy’s excitement over his dinner as adorable as we did? Share it!