Child Pens Heartfelt Apology Letter To Cops And Hand Delivers It To Police Department


Kids do silly, harmless things. Whether if it’s because they’re bored or curious, they normally or knowingly don’t mean to cause trouble. Sometimes they don’t make smart choices; these choices have repercussions. One boy from Massachusetts learned a lesson and took it to heart. He showed he’d internalized it by getting a conscience and asking for forgiveness.

He, along with other students at a local school caused the Summerville Police Department some grief. They made a series of prank calls to 911. This boy composed a handwritten note to the police confessing his part in the prank calls and asked for forgiveness.

“I did something bad,” the child wrote. “I called 911 for no reason.”

After the string of calls was made, Officer Randy Isaacs was dispatched to the school. There, he spoke to both students and parents about the importance of 911 and when you should call for help.

The mystery writer of the letter took this lecture to heart: “It was a really bad idea,” the child wrote. “I don’t know why I did it, all I know is that it was a bad idea and I will never ever do it unless (sic) it is an emergency (sic). I am very sorry for  what I did.”

He ended the message by saying: “Thank you for everything you do to keep us safe.”

To make sure the cops received his message, the boy delivered his note to them personally. The police posted it on their social media to help reiterate the seriousness of using 911.

This boy had to be curious about what it would be like dialing a forbidden number. Or he fell to peer pressure. He quickly realized the error in his actions. Maybe he’s a future police officer or first responder.