Ballerinas Line Up To Dance, But Keep Your Eyes On The Little One In The Front


There’s nothing cuter than watching little kids dance! They’re usually a little off rhythm or a few steps behind, but it’s adorable watching¬†them try to follow the music and they are so proud of their accomplishment!

Perhaps even more fun than that, though, is watching the kids who decide to make the dance their own. They may try to follow along for a little bit, but they’re feeling the music and their bodies just can’t stop moving!

That’s what happened when this adorable little dancer joined a ballet class. She is clearly younger than the other girls there – perhaps the little sister of one of the other dancers – but she’s got more sass and personality than all of them combined!

She’s trying so hard to follow the teacher’s instructions and do what she’s told, but she can’t help busting a few unique moves of her own, and the result is hilarious and adorable! Once you see it, you’ll understand exactly why this tot has already captured millions of hearts!

We hope this adorable youngster keeps marching Рor should we say dancing Рto the beat of her own drum! She was born to be a star!

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