2 Puppies On Brink Of Death After Overdosing On Heroin, Vets Take Quick Action To Save Their Lives


Humans aren’t the only beings affected by the opioid epidemic raging through this country. In December of last year, the staff at the Cleveland Animal Protection League saw two puppies at their facility where they knew something was wrong with them. One puppy came in near death. It’s owners thought it had parvovirus.

After further examination, the staff realized the puppy didn’t have the fatal virus, but something that is more deadly: opioid abuse. More specifically, heroin.

In a video posted on December 29, vet Natalie Saluppo explains the animal’s condition: “The puppy  was laying on his side, excessively drooling, tongue hanging out, panting a lot.”

The staff did all they could to resolve the puppy’s issues, but nothing worked. They finally resorted to injecting it with Narcan. This is an overdose reversal drug usually used to bring animals from anesthesia. They concluded the pup had suffered a heroin overdose.

The Narcan saved the little one’s life. Not two days later, the same family brings another puppy exhibiting the same symptoms as the first. Vets again administer Narcan. Both pups made a full recovery.

In the video, Natalie says, “It shows you how far the epidemic has gone.”

This is very unfortunate, but the staff now has the knowledge and experience to deal with these overdoses.